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It’s not them that’s killing us, it’s us …!!

Hello World, I write this post with a heavy heart and utter disbelief. Greed and envy are two of the most dangerous and disrespectful sentiments one can boast, secretly or openly. Huntsville, AL, do you not want more for yourself than the crumbs they are tossing to you?? Every day and night there is another […]

“Northside Til I Die”: You Just Reppin, Or Leaving Something Behind for the Younger Crew?

Hello World! Let me begin by saying I, too, am Northside. If you really love your hood, your city within the city, then it’s time to wake up. Have y’all stopped to take a closer look at our community? What do we have? Rundown infrastructure, lax councilmen, suspect police force, surplus of liquor stores / […]