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Are the Dead Among Us?

Hello World, Here’s another sporadic post. 🙂 A couple days ago my niece asked me, “When someone dies, why do people say, ‘they are watching over you’?” She elaborated further to say doesn’t the Bible say they are asleep, or something. You know, she is absolutely right, that is in the Bible. Recently, I was […]

Your Final 24 Hours

Hello World! If you found out yesterday that today would be your last day on this Earth, what would you do with your 24hrs? Would you reflect on all the missed opportunities, the lost chances to speak your mind, those final goodbyes you never gave, the many greetings you dismissed? What would you do? Would […]

Contemplating Sunday’s Sermon

Hello World! I am really perplexed by the sermon delivered during Sunday’s service. Pastor stated that this is OUR HEAVEN ON EARTH. Also, if we don’t die before the end days, we’ll never make it to “heaven in the sky”; this is our Heaven. He said that this world/Earth is everlasting. *record comes to a […]