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He Will Be the One to Give Me Away!

Hello World!

A little time has passed since I graced these pages, and go figure that my return would be a mushy one :)!

I just realized that no matter how much my brother and I have grown apart he will definitely be the one to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. He’s changed and I have changed, too; nevertheless, he will always be the one who understood me first. He was the first guy that told me I could be me, whomever that may be.

He didn’t judge me, and he promised to give me the best; even though he was the first to physically hurt me so that I would be prepared for the bruises of the world, and know to never to take it from (nor fear) any man. It’s amazing what you realize as you get older!

I’ve never properly thanked him because I don’t come from an emotional-type family. However, to walk through the doors on his arm would speak volumes, show him my gratitude way more than any words that I could ever utter. Whoever waits for me at the end of the altar will definitely have my brother to thank for the lady he receives. He was the best big brother to me as I grew unaware of it all.

No matter what, I was my brother’s babygirl. For that reason alone, whether we are speaking when that time comes, I will break the silence to ask him to walk me down the aisle.

~Peace, Blessings, and Growth~

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